Foundation / Target Problem with Google Maps api

I have on my side a contact form with a google maps Address Autocomplete
This works on Mac but not on iPhone
I have found after much trial and error
the the problem is in the Foundation Theme
namely when the stack Target Is included
I made a short screencast
Did someone perhaps already had this specific problem
and could give me a solution?
Greetings from Germany Marcello

OK, I think I found the problem
it’s FastClick in rw_common/themes/foundation/foundation.min.js
I deleted it! now it works!
I could find no negative impact so far!

You have completely lost me as to what the problem is. Target + Foundation have no problems together. They have been used 1000x together.

Hi Joe,
but please download the RW file
and look at the site with your smartphone
maybe you’ve got an idea?
best regards