Is possible to build a page from PSD?

I trying to build this simple layout page on RapidWeaver but it seems Foundation 1 is not letting me to build a column as the sample, so Its always like responsive. check the sample and my result and see what I’m talking about. is this possible with a special stack? or theme? it’s literally one stack on top pf the other and Foundation is not letting me do it!

here is my attempt: Home | My Website

I’m not sure from your screenshot exactly what you want to do. Are you trying to stop the different sections spit by the dividers from stacking on top of each other?

This might actually be what you want on a mobile screen, as if items were side by side they might be too small to see easily.

I’ll be struggling a bit to remember how use F1 but I’ll try and help if I can.

Pretty close, but it looks like you’re using columns. Not sure with Foundation, but with Foundry, you can disable “stacking” of columns on mobile.

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for, full screen and mobile screenshots here as a demo. The items stay on one line when the screen shrinks on mobile.

If you want 2 columns for all screens then just set each column to 6 units wide (There are 12 units total width) and turn off the Tablet and Desktop sizing checkboxes.


If you see in my sample (i really didn’t work on mobile yet) I tried to do the same but it seems the goal is exactly the same and that means the fixed width too. I don’t know how to achieve that.

“The design seems to be fine, but its presenting like a website that expands left and right.” - client

Great! Thx

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here is the sample he sends me: • Droplr

Ah, Albert, I see what you mean now by the client saying that the ‘website that expands left and right’. That’s how responsive sites work tell them :slight_smile:

So you want a narrow column rather than it being responsive - just like the good old days.

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Stubborn mind :joy:
Can I deliver a back to the past site like he wants? If you have an idea for an illusion close enough please let me know

You could use a normal Stacks `1 column to wrap the entire page. Set the 1 Column to be a fixed width. Then you can keep your Foundation stacks as they are.

It looks like you are trying to create an email though. As I told you on another post, you cannot create an email with normal stacks. HTML for an email is very different than HTML for email.

No email. This is just a plain website. Thanks for the advice. I will try it out

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