Foundation Theme Footer Text Stack. Broken?

I’ve been using the Footer Text stack with the Foundation theme for a few weeks now with no problems.

However, now that I’ve upgraded to RW 6.3.6, I can no longer edit the contents of the footer. It shows up fine on the website but I can’t edit the text.


I finally figured out why I had such a hard time with editing the contents of the Footer Text stack from Joe Workman. Perhaps to blame is my failing memory. I’m open to that. It’s a stack I’ve only used once and I’d forgotten how I’d entered the data originally — in the Footer field of the General Settings area. But the fact that the contents of the stack is not directly editable, I think, makes for a little confusion since most every other stack that allows text entry (that I’ve encountered) is. Confusing for me, anyway.

Anyone have a similar experience? Or am I just a dottering old curmudgeon who can’t remember how to tie his own shoes?

Joe Workman, do you have any comments? Just curious.


Joe added this stack because there are people out there who have used RapidWeaver themes forever and they like editing the footer area in the General Settings area, so it is for them. He expected most people new to RapidWeaver and starting out with Foundation to just make their own footer without using the settings area.

Thanks for that insight, Zeebe. Being new to building Rapidweaver sites with Foundation and Stacks, I thought I was merely following best practices by using the Footer Text stack. My natural inclination was simply to use a text or an HTML stack. It would certainly make changing out footer content easier.