Site footer of 'Foundation' stopped working

(Fernando Semprun) #1

I hadn’t checked my working page in a while. Then, suddenly I discovered that the Site Footer stack claims it is not working and that I need to re-install. I have solved the problem by copying the code and Pasting in every single page, but that is exactly what the site footer was there to avoid. Any clues?


Won’t help but

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Based on the screenshots you sent in your ticket to Joe’s Support, the Footer stack you showed me is a partial, you would have to double click that partial to open it up and find out what stack is actually missing.

(Fernando Semprun) #3

Sorry, this happens when I stop using RW for more than 15 months. My sincere apologies. I had just worked it out and was here to cancel the issue…

(system) #4

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