Foundation top bar issue

For some reason, in the iPad portrait mode, the menu has not shown although, in the landscape mode, the menu has appeared. I would like to show the navigation menu on the portrait mode. Is there anyone who knows how to manage it?

Thank you

You have to eat balance your break points with the amount of space your menu needs. More than likely, it is disappearing because there isn’t enough space to show the menu and the break point hasn’t been reached to show the mobile menu instead.

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If you set the full menu to show at Tablet, it will show in portrait mode. But depending on how many menu items you have, the menu might be too big and cause the Top Bar to increase in height and show the menu items on 2 lines.

I’ve just tested it that setting on a test site and it shows the full menu in portrait mode.


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I just dragged and dropped the image into the General setting pane wherein at the site logo placeholder and dragged the foundation stack logo into the project. What I have done was that’s all.

After deleted the site logo image PNG, the menu came out in the i Pad’s portrait mode.
I have no idea the logo image aspect ratio or the size, to be honest.
But my issue has been solved by deleted the logo png file.
Thank you.

My issue regarding the top bar to the iPad portraiture has been cleared due to the using the Navigation Stack by the Yuzoolthemes, which is a very versatile stack.

Thank you, have a wonderful weekend.

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