Foundation Update 1.8.6

I finally got my Foundation updated but now there are different issues. If I click on the “updates” button at the bottom of the stack menu it tells me “all stacks are updated”. I’m having to review the tutorial videos again but there are problems. Not only is the audio skipping out. The operations of foundation are not working. For instance: when I drag and drop a 1 column stack into the work space > go to the inspector menu > Background > click on the image button > select image > click on the “eye” icon at the top of the page, the photo does not show in the view page. I can see it in the edit page but not the viewer page. One time I did see it in the viewer page but the picture is cut off vertically and not wide enough to fill horizontally even when I follow the tutorial exactly. I have a brand new imac so it’s not my computer. I purchased the RapidWeaver Course Bundle Before I installed RapidWeaver 8. Does the bundle need to be updated? Getting very frustrated here.
any suggestions?


Background images will not display unless you have content inside of them. Maybe you wanted an image stack?

Hey thanks Joe. It all started working after I turned my computer off and came back the next day. All I needed to do is restart my computer. #%$&*#$! All is good. Thanks again.

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