Foundation Update to 6.6 keeps circling back

When trying to update the Foundation theme from 6.5.1 to 6.6, I keep going through the same dialog over and over again, and then relaunch RW over and over again … and the version numbers on the stacks keep showing version 6.5.1, and when clicking on “update” RW suggests it is up-to-date at least for the “left-to-right” theme. Any thoughts ?

(note : the Add-Ons manager in RW8 shows both versions ticked as “installed”)

Looks like you have multiple copies installed. Go into the addon folder and manually clean up the duos.

Maybe just download the latest version and install them manually just to make sure that you have a clean proper install.

Thanks for your fast reply, @joeworkman. Not sure how that happened, the installation process for addons / themes is not very clear to me (e.g. after downloading TotalCMS earlier this afternoon, I had to try 3-4 times to get it into RW by double-clicking the addons file in the download, it didn’t work until the last time …)

Could you specifically let me know what to delete and what to re-install ? After deleting all the Themes files from the RW folder, I downloaded the most recent Foundation Theme from your site, and have doubleclicked on the file of the download. Now the Foundation Theme is not showing at all and not found in RW, but it seems that when opening RW the total number of stacks loading when opening my project has gone up (from 202 to 303 …)

Is there a way for me to start from scratch with RW, get all “old” stuff (add-ons, themes, …) cleared out and re-installed only once ? (I have had a period of a couple of years of not doing anything really with RW and have probably accumulated some garbage in the application folder …



@joeworkman … I seem to have found the culprit … in the Stacks folder under Application Support there was a Foundations rwaddons file left behind that apparently blocked the installation. Now I only have the one newly downloaded Foundation6.rapidweavertheme file in the Themes folder so the theme is back. However, it didn’t come with ANY of the stacks, I get 2 download files on my desktop when downloading the theme : Foundation6.rapidwevertheme is the one that seems to install fine, the other one seems to remain incomplete and when I double-click it, it returns following error … is there a problem with the Download Manager on Weaver’s Space ?

(Note : I’m using the latest MacOS with Safari (no updates pending as far as I can see) and have waited for Safari to show the download as completed …)

The rwaddon file is the intaller that contains both the theme and stacks. Its not meant to be placed in the addons folder. You double click it to install the stacks and theme.

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Joe, thanks a lot. Meanwhile I found your Youtube video recording of the live stream on the Back to RW Basics, and learned a lot there too …

I’m currently doing all of the “learning” and “playing around” in my spare time, maybe will (need to) start doing this as a business activity in a couple of months.

Even though I know you do this for a living, the output you produce (as mentioned in your news letter earlier today) keeps amazing me, quality-wise but also in terms of volume …

I really appreciate your work and your products, and hope to benefit from being your customer for the years to come :slight_smile:



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