Foundation 6 install issues

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Having an issue with my Foundation 6 install. (So sorry for the long post.)

So, whenever I check for updates on my stacks, if there are any Foundation updates and I click on “update”, they start Ok, but stall and never finish.

I was watching one of Joe’s videos the other day and his installation for Foundation 6 - stacks and templates - never resembled my install. I don’t see any of the templates, etc.

So in an effort to try to fix this, I went to my Preferences in RW and deactivated anything to do with Foundation (both 1 and 6). Then quite RW and actually removed those items from my RW adding folder. Re-started RW and no mention of Foundation anywhere (so far so good).

I then installed the Foundation 6 theme — RW said it was already installed and was either newer or same version as what I was trying to install. It shouldn’t be as I totally deleted it from the adding folder. Well, I told it to install anyway. Then restarted.

I then moved on to the F6 stacks. Installed those to RW and got the same reply as with the theme — F6 is already installed (same version or newer). I installed anyway. Restarted again.

Moved on to the F6 templates - stalled those and got the same as above.

Now, after all that, if I create a new Stacks page then click on my stacks and search for Foundation, I get nothing showing up.

I’ve done this 3 times already and get the same results.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to uninstall all the F6 stuff so it will install correctly?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Paul

So, just so everyone knows - Joe is working with me on the forum.

I know its early for him out there so I appreciate that.


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