Foundation v1.8.0 has arrived

RapidWeaver’s most popular theme has a new update!!!

I just released Foundation 1.8. There are a ton of tiny bug fixes in this. I also went through and tirelessly updated all of the Stacks API to use the latest Stacks 3.5 APIs for performance.

You should see Foundation be faster in Edit Mode and the published site be a little slimmer.

Enjoy! This is the last 1.x release. Time to go full steam into 2.0! :wink:

  • Stack Updates: The Foundation stacks should all update through normal channels.
  • Theme Update: If the theme is not updating, you can always download the latest version from

Sorry to be a pest. I’ve updated the Foundation theme to 1.8, however, how do I update the stacks?

Updates button at the bottom of the Stacks Library panel.

Foundation v1.8.1 is released! Theme and Stacks updates…

@joeworkman Glad to see that the addon “Waterfall” still works to update Themes - have used it twice today. Such a pity that all Theme developers don’t utilise this facity.

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RapidWeaver 8 does support theme updates natively now. Obviously developers need to add support. Foundation 2 will support this.

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I just installed the latest foundation update, and noticed a probable bug. Text links that are set to “open in new window”, turn light grey, almost invisible, after being clicked. The normal text link color does come back, but only after clicking in the window again. This behavior happens in Chrome and Firefox, but not in Safari. Weird. I think this is Foundation related, as I never noticed this until after the update.

Example here:

Just released v1.8.2 that fixes a ton of strange problems that users have been experiencing with v1.8.x.

Thanks Joe, for the fast turnaround on the bug fixes. My issue seems fine now after updating the v1.8.2 stacks.

Is the Foundation theme supposed to be v.1.8.2 as well? I downloaded the current version from your site, and it says v.1.8.1 under “Get info”.

The theme does not always get an update, so it might not have updated.

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@joeworkman please lose the update nag screens. They are very very annoying.

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Foundation v1.8.3 (stacks only) has been released. Sorry for the rapid update cycle. I just want to get the fixes out as soon as possible for everyone.

How about compatibility with Rapidweaver 7? I’m in between 7 and 8 and get the update notification in rapidweaver 7. Is it save to update?

Yes. Foundation 1.8 is fully compatible with RW7 & 8.

I have updated everything super easy as usual. Question, have you upgraded to font awesome 5 in all the foundation stacks? or any of your other stacks (like the font awesome stack) Thanks for your hard work

Look for Font Awesome 5 support in Foundation 2. It will ship with a FA5 Pro license! I was able to purchase a special Pro Theme License for it. Pretty exciting stuff.


Very cool , can not wait

Hi Joe,

The message to update the Foundation theme popped up so I followed the link, downloaded it and installed. I them closed Rapid weaver and opened my project and previewed but I still get the message that the theme needs updating.

Any tips on how I might solve this please?



Do you have multiple versions of RW installed? Are you sure that you updated the proper one? If you open your Addons folder in Finder, what version is installed?

Or maybe you have multiple instances of the theme installed…

Will the Foundation contact form radio buttons and checkboxes also be fixed in 2.0? I miss the functionality of them in the current version of Foundation.