Foundation + Wordpress + Rapidweaver

I found this post and thought it was quite interesting:

So I tried to create my own RW/WP website…but I can’t seem to get it to work properly.

Here’s my RW page with the Foundation theme and the TopBar stack:

Here’s the WP blog page, that is supposed to have the Foundation TopBar stack imported at the top:

As you can see, I can get the TopBar stack to render correctly on the blog page.

Has anyone else had success with this method?

Not sure what you’re doing wrong but it looks like a handy approach, so I’ll have a go when I get the time. I do like the WP seo tools but Armadillo is pretty good if you want a pure RW site.

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Yes, I like Armadillo too! The problem is that we have been using Blogger+Rapidblog for a few years and we’ve built up a large collection of blog posts. And now we’re finding that Google doesn’t like how we’re posting “duplicate content” (i.e. a blog post is posted on the Blogger page as well as the Rapidblog page)…so we’re trying to find a way to import all of our blog posts to a new blogging system.

If Armadillo had a blog import system, I’d totally just switch to Armadillo.

Migrating from Blogger to Wordpress is very easy, which is why we were thinking of going the Wordpress route for our blog.

Has anyone had success with the new WP-Blog plugin? Does the WP-Blog plugin create duplicate content, just like the Rapidblog plugin does? And is WP-Blog flaky, or is it reliable?

You took the words outta my mouth!