Pros and cons of adding a Wordpress blog to RW site versus armadillo

My client wants me to add a Wordpress blog to her rapid weaver site. Last time I did that I found it really hard to set up so much so that I had to get someone else to do it (using nilrog plugin)
Is there an easier way?
Or can I give her a legitimate reason why armadillo would be so much better?
She does not want to se subscription i.e. Typed

I’m not sure what you mean by “legitimate”. Armadillo rocks. Unless there is something she very specifically wants from WordPress that Armadillo does not provide (possible, but unlikely) then I see zero advantage to using WordPress. But you’ll need to get more info from her.

If what she wants is an easy way to create blog posts on the web (what most people want via WordPress) then Armadillo is a much better choice. But the devil is in the details: so it may be that she needs some detailed feature that Armadillo does not provide.

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Hi Matthew, thanks.

Yes I for sure want to use Armadillo, I haven’t tried the updated version yet, but am familiar with version 1.
I think what I was asking is what is the simplest way for me to convince her. Ie: "yes WP is fine but
Armadillo would suit you so much better because …

(she does not have any specific requirements, she is a doctor who plans to write posts once a week.
She may have the odd guest blog. She does not want to pay

Armadillo would suit you so much better because …

  1. it’s not prone to spam attacks, nor to slow down of performance over time, like WordPress
  2. with Armadillo you can post, but you can also have guest blogs with their own login, and with their own controls over material
  3. with Armadillo you can also have control over other text areas in your website for updating on your own (in consultation with your wise web designer)
  4. WP and your RW websites would be connected but “live” in slightly different places. Armadillo fully integrates with RW and “lives” in the same set of folders/location



That was so so kind of you! YAY!
Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that.

There are likely some other key differences, but hopefully that’s a good starter list! Good luck with your client.

…and there is no subscription fee with Armadillo…