Foundations Theme & RW8

Is anyone else having an issue witht he Foundation Theme. I installed it (I think) but it doesn’t show any of the stacks the videos show. When I open one of their sample projects it says the stacks aren’t installed. I really wish there were some installation instructions somewhere that I could follow to see how to do this correctly. All th videos seem to start with it installed and functioning …

Did you purchase and install the stacks?
The theme is free but you have to purchase the stacks

Did you buy the stacks package?

I bought Stacks3. What are the Starter Packs and Addon Packs?

Those are all the stacks shown in the videos

How does one find them? (For that matter how does one know they need them!)

Without them…you have to hand code everything…
You can find them at Weaver.Space
and after you get going…go to Big White Duck and get all of their stacks…

What is Weaver.Space?

Do you mean: Where do I find them there?

@joeworkman site

I feel like I am having to follow breadcrumbs. Nothing is spelled out as to how to start. Where do I find those three packs???

Under Foundation

Foundation? I’ll see if I can find that page again. The menu items at Weaver space are Home, Get Started, Stacks, News, Designs, About, and Support … No Foundations. No Add on Packs …

Do you use DropBox?

I do.

What email do you use on it?

As soon as you accept the folder share…
HI there…I am Joe from Texas

Hi, Steve from VA. Trying RW for the first time. Long time WordPress fan.

OK, I have the stacks. Now what do I do to install them?