Foundations Theme & RW8

(Steve Schrader) #1

Is anyone else having an issue witht he Foundation Theme. I installed it (I think) but it doesn’t show any of the stacks the videos show. When I open one of their sample projects it says the stacks aren’t installed. I really wish there were some installation instructions somewhere that I could follow to see how to do this correctly. All th videos seem to start with it installed and functioning …

(scott williams) #2

Did you purchase and install the stacks?
The theme is free but you have to purchase the stacks

(Joe Martin) #3

Did you buy the stacks package?

(Steve Schrader) #4

I bought Stacks3. What are the Starter Packs and Addon Packs?

(Joe Martin) #5

Those are all the stacks shown in the videos

(Steve Schrader) #6

How does one find them? (For that matter how does one know they need them!)

(Joe Martin) #7

Without them…you have to hand code everything…
You can find them at Weaver.Space
and after you get going…go to Big White Duck and get all of their stacks…

(Steve Schrader) #8

What is Weaver.Space?

(Steve Schrader) #9

Do you mean: Where do I find them there?

(Joe Martin) #10

@joeworkman site

(Steve Schrader) #11

I feel like I am having to follow breadcrumbs. Nothing is spelled out as to how to start. Where do I find those three packs???

(Joe Martin) #12

Under Foundation

(Steve Schrader) #13

Foundation? I’ll see if I can find that page again. The menu items at Weaver space are Home, Get Started, Stacks, News, Designs, About, and Support … No Foundations. No Add on Packs …

(Joe Martin) #14

(Joe Martin) #15

Do you use DropBox?

(Steve Schrader) #16

I do.

(Joe Martin) #17

What email do you use on it?

(Steve Schrader) #18

(Joe Martin) #19

As soon as you accept the folder share…
HI there…I am Joe from Texas

(Steve Schrader) #20

Hi, Steve from VA. Trying RW for the first time. Long time WordPress fan.

OK, I have the stacks. Now what do I do to install them?