Foundations Theme & RW8

(Joe Martin) #21

Unzip and double click on each of them

I am an older guys that has been doing RW for a long time…yell if you need anything or need help

(Steve Schrader) #22

Got them! thank you. I coped them into the stacks folder in RW. Now to watch your video…

(Joe Martin) #23

That may work…let me know how it goes…don’t forget to restart RW

Where in VA…a million years ago…I was stationed at Langley AFB…Hampton Roads area.

on iMessages…I am

(Joe Workman) #24

I also have a site dedicated to Foundation Stacks as well.

In order to use the demo project that Joe sent you, you will need the Foundation stacks though. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.

(Paul Russam) #25

I maybe misreading this thread but @joemart1951 have you just given @sschra01 the Foundation stacks via Dropbox?

Or was it something else such as a demo project?

(Joe Martin) #26

It was just a project file…

Sorry for the confusion.

(Paul Russam) #27

OK then, I stop searching for my pitchfork sharpening tools :slight_smile:

If you reread the thread post by post it does look rather, shall we say, concerning.

(Joe Martin) #28

What I sent was 2 project files…
both foundation…one made with stacks and one without…that is the reason for the confusion.
I talked to Joe Workman about it…we are cool.

(system) #29

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