Foundry 2.0 Question

Congratulations Adam on releasing Foundry 2.0, it looks great.

My question is: Do we have to rebuild sites from the ground up with 2,0, or rather can we upgrade a page to 2.0 by dragging over the Foundry Template, and then add 2.0 stacks, leaving some 1.0 stacks in place that will still work?

Other question: Have Potion Pack and Thunder been updated some? In the upgrade pricing are those discounted by 50% as well, since you need them to use Mason. I have purchased all of these before, so I would be a total upgrade, am curious about the total price of Foundry 2, Thunder and Potion.

Again congrats, I’m sure many websites will be built with 2.0 and will be well served thereby.

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Thanks!! :smiley:

You don’t have to rebuild anything. Foundry v2, when installed, replaces Foundry v1 and everything continues just as it did before. Your current Foundry stacks all become Foundry v2 stacks. You simply get new features, new stacks and new improvements. No need to redo your site.

First time you publish with Foundry v2 though you’ll want to do a “Republish All Files” from RapidWeaver.

Potion and Thunder packs are separate from the main Foundry suite of stacks. They have not been updated in this release. That said, the Dark Mode settings for the Brand Colors (Primary, Success, Info, etc) in your Control Center stack will be applied to Potion and Thunder Packs where you’re using those Brand Colors.

So to be clear the only thing upgraded today is Foundry. If you’re a current Foundry v1 user the upgrade is 50% off the full-price of Foundry v2. Thunder and Potion did not change today and don’t need to right now.

I’m not one for cross posting between forums, but there is a large thread that has been going for quite some time on the Foundry forum that might also answer questions you may have: Foundry v2 Upgrade and Release Date Information - Foundry - Elixir Support

If Dan, Ben or anyone else would like me to remove this cross-post link, please let me know and I will gladly do so.

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I just wanted to thank you Adam & tell you I have purchased the upgrade! Wishing you every success. A great developer & a gentleman!


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Thanks @rmshare! Look forward to seeing what you build with it!

I think the fact that you can upgrade and continue with your site without rebuilding it is one of the KEY things about v2 that is GREAT. Congrats on doing the upgrade this right way. If I had to rebuild completely, I wouldn’t bother, it’s so much work. Just CONGRATS on doing it the way you did. And by the way, your slickness in having everything ready at the same time, videos, docs, your forum, the update itself, is admirable, you do just so much, and do it well, will upgrade, happy with v1 plus some other developers stacks… foundry is my base.

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I purchased the upgrade, but excuse my ignorance I don’t see where I download it. How do you download v2 after purchasing? Sorry for the basic question.

Just like with Foundry v1 you’ll receive an email from Cartloom with your purchase information. If you don’t see it in your inbox or your spam folder within 15 minutes, let me know via email and I can make sure it arrives for you.

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Hello Adam @Elixir , I’m using Foundry already for some time and have also also your 3 adddons. I have build 3 website with Foundry, very satisfied, so I’m planing to upgrade to Foundry 2, but I have a question.

What do you mean by 'Republish all files" for the first time? Foundry is the base/main stacks, but I’m using some 3rd part stack from Joe Workmen @joeworkman (like Impact, Call to Action) and BWS’s Sections & Limelight and further I just integrated the Ecwid stack…By Republishing all files how those 3rd party stacks will react (since no update), I do not want to get issues of my websites, since I’m just a user not coding person…Thanks for your feedback

The Foundry v2 update is as seamless as it gets. Update the stack, File - Re-Publish all files, done. I’ve had no issues with any other embedded 3rd party stacks.

Fantastic work, Adam! :+1:


Hi there @Balmidor

The post by @jacksona is pretty right on. You don’t have to worry about much of anything. Purchase Foundry v2 and install it. Once it is installed you’ll need to quit and restart RapidWeaver, which is always good practice IMHO after installing any new addons. The next time you make an update to your project file and are ready to publish it, just make sure that first time you use RapidWeaver’s Republish All Files feature to republish your site. This just makes sure all of the new goodies are all published to your site.

Thank you Adam @Elixir!

You’re welcome. Though admittedly, @jacksona had you covered. I just wanted to add my 2 cents, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indeed, thank you @jacksona!..:wink:

I will purchase now the upgrade…

You’re welcome. The upgrade is worth every cent.

The tutorial videos are great, too - I just set up a test Pop Up Gallery, with Batch Import, in less than 10 minutes, including the time it took to set up the RetroBatch routine to create the Thumbnails!

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Just bought the upgrade…:slight_smile: I will have a busy week to learn all new possibilities. Thanks again to both of you.


Foundry Stacks v2.0.1 installed. @Elixir Should I install Theme V1.0.2 (I do not think so, but since is in the downloaded file)?


It is the same as the previous theme. If you already have it installed there’s no need to.

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