Foundry Thunder samples - RW 8.0.3?

Having purchased the Thunder pack a few months ago, I was a little disappointed to find the sample files had been done in a newer version of RW. So couldn’t open them. I didn’t think I was missing much at the time and carried on trying to learn what each thing does (or remember, more to the point, at my age :joy:) as having a list of named stacks in a list can get a little confusing as to what they do, if you dip in and out of the software. Alex confirmed he didn’t have a backdated file and at the moment I don’t really want to upgrade RW. I’ve just purchased the potion pack this morning, and its in RW 8 or before, and is a great help to see just what each item in the potion pack does, more so, showed within a small sample layout. So has anyone gone to the trouble of backdating the Thunder sample file to RW8 or before, that I could have a copy of? I know on the Foundry website it shows examples of what each stack does, but it would be good to have a file, you can cut and paste from, to get the basics going.
Cheers Jon

Good morning @Jonline!

The sample project file uses mostly default settings for each of the stacks that are shown in the examples. These same default settings will be what you get when you place a new copy of the stack onto the page. So copying and pasting from the sample project file is really not going to be all that different than just putting a new copy of a Thunder Pack stack onto a page. The only thing you’ll be missing is the dummy content… which you’d need to end up deleting anyway to use the copy-paste version from the sample file.

As for “backdating” a copy of the sample project file to RapidWeaver 7.x or RapidWeaver 8.x (prior to v8.0.3) – That would require rebuilding the entire project file. There’s not a way to just roll it back to a prior RapidWeaver version unfortunately.

The best approach would be to drop a stack from Thunder on the page and add some of your own fake content (or real content even!) and play around with it. You can’t mess anything up, after all. There’s a tutorial video for each of the Thunder Pack stacks as well, so you can watch those and even play with the stack in RapidWeaver at the same time if you like.

Hope that helps out a bit.

  • PS: It’s Adam, not Alex. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Sorry Adam (not Alex) :blush: Apologies!
I personally think seeing dummy content, gives you a better understanding and vision of how the stack works and looks, (you must do to as you’re supplied a number of rough layouts with the Potion pack) But as you’ve explained already you would need to rebuild the entire project file, you had already confirmed this to me on an email. Hence the reason I was asking the community. I have played around, and I have watched your videos (very informative :+1:) but was after something I could relate to by just cutting and pasting sections as a starting point.
Thanks for coming back to me.
Cheers Jon

Sure, not a problem. IMHO you’ll learn more about building a page by using the stacks than copying and pasting. And if you get stuck there are the videos and documentation to fall back on. Also you can ask specific questions on the Elixir forum as well, which is what it is there for.

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