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I am migrating my site to Foundry (big ‘thank you’ to Nick Cates) but I have a couple of non-stacks pages in there that will have to remain in the old theme if I can’t find an alternative. One is the plain old RW Site Map page. I suppose I could build it from scratch in Foundry but it wouldn’t respond to changes automatically. The other is Dateloom that provides a customisable calendar instead of just redirecting to Google calendar, much nicer. I have not found a calendar stack that would do the same thing. Could PlusKit help? Any suggestions for either of these issues most gratefully received.

Foundry does have a sitemap stack, that is what I am using…

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Glory be!! Hadn’t spotted that! Many thanks.

I don’t have Dateloom but in theory PlusKit would allow you to bring it into a Stacks-based page. It’s certainly worked for me in the past with other page types.

Just a thought, check that Dateloom doesn’t come with a stack that lets you do this - I have Formloom and that definitely does.


Thanks. Unfortunately Dateloom was discontinued many years ago when the developer ceased business. It was taken over by Yabdab but they aren’t developing it or selling it anymore. No chance of a Dateloom stack :frowning: For now I have embedded the actual Google calendar but it looks really, really UGLY and its appearance cannot be customised. Must look into using PlusKit!

I have now got Dateloom working with the help of Pluskit, so all is good. Happy days!

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