SOLVED - Sitemap in stacks - Using Lister Stack

I am getting rid of Pluskit as it has given me problems. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to integrate the Rapidweaver Site Map into a stacks page to match the rest of my site. I did @import using PlusKit before.

Suggestions? TIA.

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You could try placing the theme macro


in a plain text or html stack where you want your page list to display. Use css to format the way that you want (by default it is a bulleted list)

I have used this on a couple of sites to replace the RW standard sitemap page with a stacks page as all it was showing was information about each page and a page list so this worked for us.

Edit: Rapidweaver 6+

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thanks :slight_smile:
So I could do this without a sitemap page? Just add “%navigation%” to a stack on a stacks page?

As far as I can see, yes. The sitemap.xml is generated independently of the sitemap plugin so that remains unaffected.

This page uses the macro to display the list of pages in a foundry paragraph stack but it works in any basic text stack.

Just not sure its use is supportted by RealMac outside of packaged themes :slight_smile:

I guess there must be a “sitemap” stack out there somewhere…


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thanks :slight_smile: Yes. Just trying to keep it simple.

might want to take a look at @willwood lister stack:

One of the input options is website navigation links (uses the %navigation% but gives you a lot a style options.


ok. thx. I use Lister but not for that. I’ll check it out.
Perfect! I always forget that stacks do other things. I’m not a programmer!