Stack that imports RW Blog(native) plugin?

I don’t need a blog alternative the native RW has served me fin and I have hundreds of entries that I don’t want to move. I am looking for a stack that can import or read my blog page so I have more control over the look of my blog landing page.
-I’ve looked into PlusKit but I cant figure out how to use it. Not even sure if its a solution.
-I’ve looked into Poster but it looks like it is a replacement for the RW blog plugin.
Help…and thank you!

PlusKit Plugin will do the trick.
Add it to the project…set it up to do blogs.

On a stacks page add @import((blog page name))

Hope that helps.

Thank you. Were are you placing that @Iimirt((Blog1)) data?
Also is this the page name or filename that you are adding?

Just in a text stack

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Did that work?

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Page name in the menu…also uncheck show in menu on the actual blog page.

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What exactly are you thinking of changing?

If it’s mostly styling some custom CSS would probably be better than PlusKit.

If you can provide a URL to the page and give details on what you want to change, someone can probably give you some code.

You are also able to leave your old RW blog posts in kind of archive mode, and start fresh with new content and another blog solution.

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Hey Doug, So I am a Pastor and Graphic Designer and we have an archive of about 9 years of messages from our church in podcast, notes, and we started added video over the last couple years. I have created a “toolkit” as a resource for folks to access the content and I just want to be able to add a little more flexibility to the look. Overflow Church Grand Prairie, Tx | Notes

Hey that worked! Thanks for your help. I did notice the archiving doesn’t show up.

I have no idea…might be a setting.

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