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I am using foundry for the first time and I am having two main issues that I need help with.

The first problem is fonts! As far as I am aware I have assigned google fonts to typefaces in the Control Centre. On my Mac at home all works fine, on my mac at work the fonts just will not work, I copy and past the text into a paragraph stack and the text is always small and unreadable no matter what type face I select.

The RW file is the same file as I keep it on a memory stick so it must be my mac or Rapidweaver.

My second problem is how can you float a picture in Foundry to have text wrap round it? At home tried using the standard RW float stack and this is fine but I have no control over the fonts as I can’t use Control Centre, in the Foundry stacks there does not appear to be a stack for floating pictures.

Any help on these issues will be most helpful.

Perhaps @Elixir can help here?

I hope so, the site I am going to create will be big so I thought Foundry would be the answer. Eight pages in and beginning to have doubts. Normally my sites work well both at home and work.

Hey there @IanS, let’s see if I can’t answer these for you –

It sounds like you’re carrying over formatting from the original text that you’re copying. When you paste your text be sure to use RapidWeaver’s “Paste As Plain Text”, which can be found in the Edit menu in RapidWeaver or by pressing Command-Alt-V. This strips off any formatting that may be associated with the original content.

There is not currently a float style stack that is a part of the Foundry stacks. If you have a responsive 3rd-party float stack you can use it with Foundry, but the standard float stacks don’t have controls for responsive formatting.

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Thank you so much, font problem solved and something so simple.
Can you suggest a 3rd party stack that will work with Foundry, the bulk of this site will need floating pictures with text wrapped round.

Not a problem. Glad to help out.

Most all 3rd-party stacks should work with Foundry. I don’t know of specific float stacks out there myself, but if you do a search on the Community site you may find some there.

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Thank you for all your help.

You might want to consider the SmartFloat stack:

It’s less than $6 and seems to do exactly what you want.


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