How to control font styles and sizes?

I’m using RapidWeaver 7 with Foundry and as I have added the last paragraph to this page, I suddenly have a new font and I would love to use this font on the earlier paragraphs but I’m not sure how to make that happen or to change the size of the fonts. In the page inspector it looks the same for both paragraphs.

You getting errors on the console.

4 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

Also getting errors on the home page.
Not sure how you’re adding the fonts? Roo is a bad request, appear on you font statement:

<link href=', Arial, sans-serif:300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Thanks for responding, Doug. I’m not quite understanding your answer about the console. As far as fonts, I am just using whatever default comes up, as I don’t know how to change them. I don’t get any error on my computer, even when I hit refresh.

Where did you suddenly have a new font?
This is in the top of the body of the HTML just below the banner:

That is giving you an error. For one thing, the syntax is wrong (400 error), and it really belongs in the head section, not the body.

The console is part of the browser. Option>Commad>i will open the development tools on both safari and chrome.

The error is in foundryNavigationBar_stack, seems like every page, is that in a partial?

You really should check the Foundry documentation otherwise you batting blindfolded :wink:

Particularly the video about Typeface - it’s how you manage fonts in Foundry. Once you read or watch it’s really amazingly straightforward and elegant.

I had the new font when I dropped a new Paragraph into a Column on the right side. I then typed in the text and it looked just like the previous Paragraph on the left side but in preview it had the new font and size. I published it so that I consult someone about it.

As to the HTML, I don’t really work in it, but I will check out what you indicated.

Thanks David,

I’ll definitely work through this material. You’re right, I feel like I’m batting blindfolded.

HI Doug,

I believe it is in a partial. I’ve been working through some of the documentation and the videos and have been making some changes but haven’t published them yet. On the Home page, I deleted the Navigation Bar and then tried to replace it just below the Foundry stack. It shows up in preview in the middle of the Banner along with the Header…

Should I go ahead and publish so you can see it? BTW, I use Firefox, in case there some html we need to work through.

Hi David,

I’m working through the videos including the one about Typeface and I’ve learned a lot but I can’t seem to change what’s happening on the About page regarding the fonts.

Maybe best to tag @Elixir Adam for this.

Hey there @JohnSherry!

Let’s have a look at this project for you and see if I can’t suss out what’s going on. Send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I will have a look at it really quick for you. You can send it via Dropbox or a similar service that allows sending large files.

Hello Adam,

Thank you so much!!

On your Bio page, which you were linking to above, it looks like you’ve pasted in some text from an outside source (Word Doc, website, etc) into your Paragraph stacks. In doing so you’ve brought over some of the formatting with it from that previous source.

You’ll want to get rid of that formatting by highlighting all of the text in the affected Paragraph stacks and then choosing Clear Formatting from the Format menu item in RapidWeaver.

For the last Paragraph stack on that page you’ve selected Typeface as the Font choice, but you’re not using the Typeface stack on the page anywhere. Set that back to Control Center. It won’t hurt anything to be set that way, but if you were to add Typeface to the page you might influence that text without realizing it. This is the case with the Header on that page too. You’ve got it set to Typeface 10, but you’re not using the Typeface stack.

On your live page I am seeing the errors that @teefers pointed out above, but in your project file those do not exist. I suspect you took care of those, or made some changes since your last publishing of the pages that cleared that up. I suspect this also because your published page has a navigation bar and the project file you sent me does not.

Either way, make sure when you look through your project that if you’re using a web safe font you’ve not selected the Google icon for those. That said, I’d encourage you to check out and use Typeface as it makes it all a lot easier to do, and it comes as a part of Foundry built-in. :slight_smile:

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This has helped immensely! Thank you Adam! I’m continuing to fix things but I still have one issue I can’t as yet figure out. When I re-add the Navigation Bar, putting it under the Foundry Stack, it comes up in the preview under the Hero Banner. How can I put it at the top?

Hi John, and don’t forget to come to the Foundry discussion board - we love to help each other and it is all about Foundry:

You have your Banner set as a Hero banner so it will appear above everything… that said, if you place your navigation bar inside the Banner and choose the “Pair with Parent Banner” option toward the bottom of the navigation bar’s settings, it should achieve what you’re looking to do.

Thanks, Jan! Will do!

Thank you again, Adam! I’m up and running now and will continue to develop the site as I learn more.

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