Foundry / Foundation / UIKit / Bootsnap / Blueball Freestack: Which Framework to choose?

Looks good I’m impressed.

@Doobox Nice! Looking forward redesigning my website with Foundry :slight_smile:


####Great Site Gary!
Foundry is a bunch of fun to use isn’t it? Built my site with it also. Submit to the Gallery in the RW community!

Nice one @Doobox - just shows you what can be done in a such a short time :slight_smile:


I already have Foundation and have purchased Foundry earlier today. After playing with it for a bit I took a copy of one of my sites which uses an off the shelf theme. Converted the home page to Foundry and it was fine. When I first had Foundation I sought advice and was told that if I wanted to replace my existing very large sites using Foundation I would need to start again and rebuild them. Too large a task ever to contemplate. After the Foundry experiment this morning I converted one page to Foundation and everything seems to be fine. Just wondering if any Weavers have converted a site page by page to Foundation. Probably not enough time for anyone to have converted using Foundry. Is this a feasible proposition. Your thoughts would be most welcome. Richard

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Amazing stuff. What a great time to be using RW!

Wonder who told you that, not true, there are just things you would need to add to the pages for Foundation to work right, just like in Foundry.

@zeebe You have just turned a very nice ordinary day into a spectacular one. Wow! that is fantastic news. I will not say where I got the previous information from as I am a nice guy and would not want to cause trouble. Looks as if I have got a lot of very enjoyable weaving to do.

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The text stacks and other stacks will work with Foundation, so if you do not want to switch them over to Paragraph stacks, you do not need to. They will not get the settings used from Site Styles (not positive but I am sure the same is for Foundry). If you decide to switch them over, I suggest you copy and paste and match style

that way no formatting is copied over.

@zeebe Thank you. That should be a time saver. Could start with not changing the text stacks and go back later replacing with the proper Foundation stacks.


I bought Foundry today and I am missing a lot of little functions, which are integrated in Foundation, but not in Foundry (e.g. the extra zone in the Top Bar, …). I will stay with Foundation, because I am missing these little things too much. Only my point of view.

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@richardmaps I have switched 2 sites over to Foundation and preferred to use the Foundation or BWD stacks as I moved content over simply because I am learning Foundation and wanted to be able to explore options in settings, which are extensive. You can copy and paste text and your graphics just need to be dropped in to the Foundation image stack. You might find (as I did) that once you realize the extensive abilities of Foundation and the BWD stacks that you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. Ohh - let me try THAT! How would it look if I did THIS?!

While I have not used Foundry, I think it is an excellent addition to RW, and is part of the rapid movement towards expanding the capabilities of the platform and its users who want to move outside a standard theme box.

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As a user coming back to Rapidweaver after about 8 years and leaping now on version 7, would you recommend Foundry or Foundation? I’ve been looking at both sites and videos and since I am now relearning concepts, and kudos to Rapidweaver it’s coming back to me. I am very interested in either Foundation or Foundry, but want to stick to first learning and mastering one. Which one do you recommend if someone is like me and starting from a clean slate? Thanks!

I don’t think there’s an easy answer to your question. First, why do you want a free-form theme like Foundry or Foundation? (You may have great reasons, I’m just double-checking.) There are some great standard themes out there that would certainly be easier/quicker to learn. I use ThemeFlood’s Volcano theme a lot (it has tons of options), but there are other excellent standard themes made by a variety of developers.

If a free-form theme is what you really need then it’s a bit trickier. Foundation has been around longer and currently has more users. Foundry is made by a developer who is know for his great “design sense”. In fact the RealMac website was made with Foundry.

I personally prefer Foundry. I find it lightweight, faster (when developing websites), and has a design sensibility I like. And I also like that it comes with fewer stacks. The stacks Adam provides are very “design friendly” and can be used in a number of different ways.

Both Foundation and Foundry play well with most 3rd party stacks. So if you already have a collection of other stacks keep in mind you should still be able to use them. For example, I use ProGallery and Playlister a lot: both work just fine with Foundry (and I imagine with Foundation also).

However, in the end this is a personal decision. I have both but I find myself admiring and liking using Foundry more. But you may feel differently: there’s no one simple definitive answer.


No matter which framework you decide you will be able to build a good site. There are 3 that I have worked with Foundation, UI kit, and Foundry. Each has it strong points and weakness. Foundation is the more robust of the 3, more options, large user base forum, and some great foundation only 3rd party add-ons. What I love most about UI kit and it’s strong point is its menu builder, very simple to use and flexible as well as it’s column/grid options. Foundry is the newest and it offers some interesting options like the card stack, navigation overlay for example. It does not offer the options the other 2 do but for some reason it just has better flow has far as building a site. It would be great to cherry pick all the good stuff from the 3 and create 1 product.

It all comes down to what type of person you are when building a site, do you like to have as much control/options available to you then Foundation/UI kit might be better choice. If you prefer keeping it simple in the building process than Foundry is the one, plus it’s a 1.0 release so I’m sure more good stuff to come.

My 2 cents…


One big question to ask yourself, do you like to warehouse your images. You can not do that with the stacks that come with Foundry, you can with Foundation. If that matters too you, you have one choice.

At this point in time, warehousing is not a real concern.

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… and if you want to use any other regular third party stacks with Foundry that use warehousing that will also work. (Should you every change you mind.)


So far my observations have left me with a very positive feeling about Foundry! It is extremely well thought out and has allowed me to significantly enhance my website in ways that I could only have dreamt about before.

I am also a Foundation owner but for some reason I could never really get my head around it, never wanted to do what I wanted.

The exact opposite has proven to be the case with Foundry, where within the first 4 hours of getting the software I was able to create my own theme for my site and then start building on it. It was remarkably easy to come to grips with.

So for my money I am extremely happy with Foundry and believe that it succeeds at one of it primary goals, which is to make it easy for anyone to build their own website!

Kudos to Adam for a great product!


Lots of good feedback, so first of all thank you! Still trying to make up my mind and after lord knows how many hours of watching videos (and Joe Workman’s beard progress) I am still going back and forth.