Foundry Nav Stack Problem

Hi, I have Foundry and I am building websites using this set of stacks.

When I have quite long name on my page, such as “Operations Management”,

Foundry nav-bar’s second order sub-nav overflows outside of the page.

Therefore, the result is like this:

Any solutions?

Plus, is there any beautiful and fantastic nav-bar stack rather than this?


Maybe check here also:

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Hey there @dps!

The navigation drop down lines up on the left-hand side of its parent navigation item – in this case the “Lectures” navigation item. Currently there isn’t a toggle to change which side the drop down lines up on. This is on the roadmap though. Until then you can place another navigation item that doesn’t have a drop down after the “Lectures” page to offset that drop down a bit, or you can use an Inner Max-Width setting for your Navigation bar, which could help your layout a bit.

I will change the order of the menu at this time.
I am waiting for the update :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Lots of updates in the works. This one might not be in the next batch. Might be an update down the road.