Foundry Tabs and How to Use Them

I’m a “tab guy” when it comes to navigation, and I’ve been looking at tabs in Foundry. I’m especially interested in the Horizontal Tabs stack. I would like have top level tabs = stack pages, and sub level tabs = stack subpages. Can this be done? Thanks!

Hi @raymackt

The Tabs stack isn’t meant for your site’s navigation. Think of it more like an Accordion, only slightly different.

Thanks, Adam… Any ideas for tabbed nav in Foundry? I’m also looking at Partiions. All I want is something like this OLD RW site!

That could be recreated, but you might take this opportunity in building a new site to explore some of the navigation options that come with Foundry. Some of the ones you might checkout are:

Navigation Bar Pro:

Slide Navigation:

Side Navigation (part of Potion Pack):

OR even the old faithful Navigation Bar:

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