Foundry - Can you hover on the Nav top level items?

I am trying to have another go with Foundry. Just playing now but I have noticed that when building a menu using the Foundry Nav Stack that you cant seem to get it to work so a user can hover over the top level and see the drop-downs. You seem to have to click your mouse to see them. Is this a restriction in Foundry? If so if does seem a bit of a big one as this seems to be supported in other frameworks.

Hope one of you can put me right and advise if I have missed something or am doing something wrong.



As far as I know, it’s only shows on click right now.

Maybe @Elixir can add it to a future update?

@georgep I think you are correct: you need to click. However I’d ask @Elixir to be sure. He may have some ideas or plans that I don’t know about for Foundry.

Also keep in mind that Foundry has several different ways of adding navigation to the page. Between Foundry and the Potion Pack add on there are something like 7 or 8 different ways to set up navigation.

Keep in mind that hover doesn’t work on touch devices (phones, tablets). In most markets that’s half or more of your visitors.


Hi there @georgep!

When I created the Navigation Bar stack for Foundry I wanted to attempt to make it as widely compatible with many different mobile platforms as possible. As @teefers points out there’s no ‘hovering’ over elements in mobile platforms. While some mobile operating systems like iOS make accommodations for this, some of the other mobile OSes don’t do so.

Instead of employing a lot of work arounds for this and overly complicating things I went the route of having the navigation drop downs toggle off of a click rather than a hover trigger. There’s some areas of a web page where compatibility with older mobile OSes might not matter as much, but I think the navigation of the site is an important area to try to maintain that compatibility.

I do recognize that javascript hacks and the like could be employed to likely make this work, but as I said I wanted to keep things as relatively simple as I could.

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Adam thanks for reply.

Bit of a shame re no hover. I don’t think our clients will appreciate the intent - they will simply think its lack of functionality. I note this does not seem to be an issue with some other frameworks.

Also is it true that you can’t have more than one level of Child Menu? Also that you can’t have Parent lInks enabled?
My experience suggests that this is so and from some other advice and also watching your videos.

Collectively if we cant provide any of these 3 items then I suggest the market for this framework will be very limited. I really like what you do - and I like Foundry - but navigation-wise, whilst I appreciate some new nav widget effects, it seems the basics are lacking.

I do hope you can “fix” these issues. The framework is not really one we can use with all these restrictions. Apart from this I am a fan and hope that the product moves on and perhaps gets some of these issues sorted.

Best George.

That functionality is not something that will be changing in the Navigation Bar stack, Mega Menu or other navigation stacks within Foundry that use the click methodology instead of hover, for the reasons I outlined.

I didn’t say it was impossible to do, nor did I say that other frameworks didn’t use a hover setup for the navigation drop downs. I simply said that to support a wide array of mobile OSes and to keep the underlying code from being overly complicated I opted for a click instead of a hover for the drop downs. If this is functionality that you feel you must have, then I would you should definitely employ one of the other frameworks that offers the features you’re looking for. I believe Foundation supports a hover event for their Top Bar stack.

This is correct. I believe that is the case for some of the other frameworks as well. This is pages with several levels of child navigation becomes cluttered quickly on small mobile devices and becomes more difficult than it should be to navigate the site. I made decision purposefully to not support multiple child levels within the Navigation Bar stack when I built it for this reason. The Navigation Bar stack may not be for everyone.

From the large community that has formed around Foundry I don’t think this is the case. But you are entitled to your own opinion. I am quite happy with where Foundry and the Potion Pack are currently, as well as where they’re going.

The things you’ve outlined are not things I’m looking to change. If these are deal breakers for your project then definitely be sure to checkout other frameworks, like Foundation, FreeStack, UIKit, or others. Not every product is perfect for everyone. You just have to find the one that meets your needs the best.

While Foundry may not be right for your project, I feel it meets the needs of many RapidWeaver users. Hopefully you can find one that does exactly what you’re looking for.


The top level navigation items that have child pages are just normal pages in your page list. I often use just a Styled Text page or something similar with no content contained within them. Nothing special you need to do.


Thanks you for your considered reply. Do wish you and Foundry all the best. The Nav situation is a problem for our clients right now as they seem to be more conservative in outlook and expect the hover and want to have multilevel menus. Even a split level menu approach would really help. The rest of Foundry looks really good and hope we can use one day. I think I might look at trying a separate third-prty menu stack and see if that would help as I would like to use the rest of the framework.

Thanks again.