Foundry Navigation Stack mobile dropdown menu issue

I am using Foundry (by Elixir graphics) for my RW project and having trouble with the the navigation stack (nav.button) when the window size goes mobile turns into a drop-down menu. I find two anomalous/buggy behaviors and wonder if that is specific to my site or browsers or rather wide-spread.

  1. common for both Safari, Chrome on Mac, as well as on iOS devices:
    The drop-down menu items are highlighted and remain so for both the current and the target items.
    (See attached image) Normally when a new target is selected, the dropdown should immediately update so that the original selection goes normal.

  2. For Safari on OSX and iOS
    After moving to the target page, and when I go back to the original page by using the back button of the browser, the drop-down menu is still left open in the originating page.

(BTW, Chrome is OK on this issue as it seems the drop-down is closed as soon as the target page is opened…)

You will have better luck posting this on the Foundry forum. Adam is really attentive and you will likely get a fast response.

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Thanks for the info. I just re-posted it on elixir’s forum with more clarification.

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