Foundry Theme on Standard Pages?

I am using Foundry and I have made a top banner, which I want to use on every page on the site. I have made a “Partial” and apply it to each page as I create it. However I want to have a Blog page on my site and if I add a standard RW blog page and then select the foundry theme. I get a very plain page and no navigation.

Is there any way to way set the default appearance for the foundry theme(I.e. designate the nav bar and banner) and then apply it to the standard RW Blog page or any other page for that matter so that the appearance is consistent throughout the site.

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No, Foundry is a ‘blank framework’ (ie Foundation, Foundry, UIKit, Blankstrap etc) theme and you have to add the theme stacks for it for function. Rapidweaver blog pages can only be used with non-blank framework themes like the ones included with Rapidweaver or bought separately as they include the framework for menu’s and the blog styling. Saying that One Little Designer does have a few themes that can be used with RW built in pages, Percept, Particle and Splash. and scroll down a little. If you want a stacks blog you have a few choices now, there is the new Alloy blog from Elixir who make Foundry, GoCMS, Armadillo, TotalCMS, Pulse5 and you can import RSS feeds from other blogs of course using various stacks.


First choice here might be also Poster Stack. Ckeck it out with Foundry theme here:


I definitely suggest Poster Stack!


Don’t forget that @Elixir recently launched its own blog for Foundry, which would also be worth considering.



Hey there @Paul_Reading!

Looks like other have got you covered in this thread as far as explaining how Foundry fits in with other page styles besides Stacks.

As @jspencer2 and @robbeattie point out, Alloy is a blogging tool I built specifically for Foundry. If you haven’t already given it a look, you can do so here:

Alloy uses some of Foundry’s in-built code to make things streamlined and quick, and to fit in with your Foundry-based site. In addition to all that Alloy currently does, I am also working on a major update that will add a lot of new features as well.


Thanks Paul for the purchase :smiley:

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I could not make head not tail of Alloy. It seemed to want to do everything using Markdown and upload files.

I have spent a ton of money on RW because I want an off line editing site. I think that Wix was cheaper and easier but you can’t edit a thing mid -Atlantic with Wix.

I am still setting things out and learning how to use RW, but the blogging thing I wanted to be easy straight away. but it is not exactly WYSIWYG editing. I have bought Poster Stack. Which is OK, but I have no idea how to customise the fonts and colours of fonts. I notice that when you click on the text in a text box it says something like “Global Content 110” so I am assuming that their is some kind of style sheet somewhere.

the other think I can’t work out is how you get the archive in month in a vertical panel on the right. So if anyone has any tips on these two points that would be helpful.

I tried to make a “Partial” of the “Poster” stack, but it is a real shame because you can’t unpin the date so if you try to use a partial as a way of pre forming a blog entry it won’t work because every entry would have the same date.

Paul, everything is documented here:

If you need additional help, send me an email:

Cheers :+1:

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Thanks for that, I am looking at the Disqus integration and can’t find “Poster Tools”. I can see the check box to enable it but nowhere to add a Disqus account.

I use Poster in this blog here:

There are a lot of styling options and it can take a bit of playing about with it to get it to look how you want but once it’s done its done and you can just focus on adding new Poster Items / Blog posts (which are just made up of regular stacks content*). I tried to use Partials with Poster at one point and ran into a few issues so the best approach is just to copy and paste an existing item and then change the date, title and content.

Also, there are little html snippets that you can add to show the like of categories / tags / dates etc. Details of these are in the documentation that @instacks linked to but if you need any help then just ask.

* and if you want to change to an online blogging solution in future then Poster also offers a similar Markdown approach to Alloy.

Inside the options of the main stack.

I read that page but I couldn’t find “Poster-Tools”. I have got it now thanks. It was right at the bottom and I clearly had not scrolled down enough.

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There’s a way to use the RW “Override Site Banner” in a blog using Foundry. I used it on this site.

My site was all in Foundry when I wanted to add the blog. So, I made a backup copy of my RW file (didn’t need it) just in case. I then selected the Writer theme from @nickcates, went to the blog page and added the site banner in the side panel. Unselected the “Use Master Theme” on that page and then changed back to Foundry on all the other pages. The Navigation stack from @yuzool worked out really well.

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If you want other people to be able to post use Armadillo and when using do so in Google Chrome as Firefox will work but not show the options to add image, bold type etc. Works great.

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