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I’m retiring a site from small commerce to free downloads. What stack or plugin would be easiest to use for this? And any steps to do it would be most appreciated:)

Thank you for your time and help:)


What kind of products/downloads are you offering? Knowing this would make it easier to make a recommendation.

Sorry about that… my ignorance is showing:)

PDF’s and Mp3’s

If they are just free downloads, zip them and put a link(button text link, etc) on the page.

Thanks, Doug:)

So I add the pdf’s to site page and link it to the information page in the site?

How do I zip a file?


On Mac? Right mouse click → create archive? Or use the menu item in finder for it.


Thank Jannis,

I’m guessing I can just put the download link on the description page?

Right click and Choose compress or Archive

You can the put the zipped version into Resources:

Then anything that will open the link dialog (button text link, image, etc) just select resources instead of URL:


Thanks, Doug!

I think I’ve got it:) Pictures really help:)

Here I go!

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