Help with Cartloom downloads

I am selling digital guides and books using the amazing Cartloom platform from @yabdab and @nickcates. The store checkout process works perfectly and includes an email receipt to my customers complete with download links. This all works flawlessly on a computer, BUT…

  • On a handheld device using the Gmail app, the download links don’t work.

  • (This may be fixed since the downloads are no longer zipped. Could someone with the Gmail app test this for me? Thanks)

  • One of my products is 4 items in a ZIP file. Many handheld devices don’t know what to do with a ZIP file.

Ideally, I would love for my customers to be able to buy these PDF files from my Cartloom store and download/add them to their reader of choice. This would likely be iBooks on iOS and whatever is most common on Android.

My products are currently hosted on Amazon S3, could that be the problem? Or the ZIP file? I just don’t know.

If you want to help troubleshoot this and get a FREE ebook on conflict resolution in marriage, just go to:
Add the ebook bundle to your cart (this is the ZIP file) and use TMFRIEND for the promo code to get it for free.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight here.

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It, will be interesting to see how this works out. I have a couple of downloads in my site that are zipped pdfs as well. I tested my own with my iPad just yesterday. I know that I can download a zip file on my iPad, I just can’t open it. I get options to open in a couple docs or send to Dropbox etc.

Not sure about android, I don’t have one.

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Hi Brad,
Had just a look at your site but can’t see the issues with the zip file nevertheless still under construction I see. First impression; good looking site, clean design.

Wonder how have you got the banner that show up to promote your ebook (which stack)?
It’s done on Foundation? -I’m on Foundry.

Also got your Ready to Surrender ebook… will have a good read over the week-end. Thanks so much!!

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Okay, I tested yours @firedude2894.

I was able to download in my iPad, save to documents app and then use that app to open all 4 pdfs. So I guess the answer is “if they have an app that will open zips” it will work. But I agree that would be much better if it was native PDF. Is there no way to tell cartloom to send multiple downloads?

Or I guess you could combine the pdfs into one master PDF with four sections.

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Thanks for the feedback @TINO

The banner stack I use is @joeworkman InfoBar. Find it here:

I hope you enjoy the book.

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Thanks @swilliam for your insight.

I think I can have Cartloom download multiple files. That just may be the way to do it.

This is really not a Cartloom specific issue, but of the mobile OS you are using. As some have already said, you can likely download the files, but opening them is a different story. If the iPhone / Android can open the files, then it should not be a problem. Otherwise, instruct users to download via a desktop. Or do not zip them and just deliver the PDF straight away.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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Yes, that makes sense. I thought I was simplifying things by having one ZIP file that includes four individual files, but I added an unnecessary wrinkle by doing that.

Are you aware of the strange issue in the Gmail app when someone clicks a download link? It’s as if the gmail app does not know what to do with the download link.

And, Amazon S3 hosted files should be a non-issue, right?

I figured this all had more to do with how I set up Cartloom, than Cartloom itself. Cartloom rocks. I love it!

Zipping them up is the best approach, but the mobile device would need to be able to uncompress the .zip format.

So just to clarify @yabdab, It’s always best to use the most commonly available method for the most people/devices, right?
Since it seems like many of my customers are downloading directly to iOS and Android (and many of them w/o the ability to unzip), individual (non-zipped) files make the most sense for downloads.
As I was reworking my Cartloom store yesterday, I ran into an issue with groups vs. bundles. There is not much said about this in the help pages. Could you help me understand the distinction?

Just an idea here, and it has really nothing to do with Cartloom, but have you seen Joe’s Agent stack? You can use that to determine what device or computer your customers are on. Then you can deliver them the right download.


Hi Rob,
I have seen the new Agent stack and I see possibilities for all kinds of uses. I’m trying to wrap my head around what that would look like in conjunction with Cartloom.
I am assuming that I would have multiple versions of each product that would each be sold to and tailored to the device someone is using when buying it. Do I have that right?

Yup, that is right. So if a person is on an iPhone, they would only see the items that can be used or seen on an iPhone.


So, Brad / @yabdab just so I’m clear, Can a cartloom product contain multiple downloads or no? I’m sorry Brad, I’m not trying to hijack your thread, I just want to have a clear understanding.

Goodreader for iOS will open zips no problem. Great app for managing your files across cloud and ftp sites. Does so much with pdf files, but will also handle any type of file (including zips).

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It’s great to know about GoodReader, thanks. The problem for me is that I don’t want to require customers to download a third-party app merely to have access to their purchase from my store. Does that make sense?

Totally understand that… just wanted to throw the option out there :wink:

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Cartloom does not support multiple files per product, BUT you can create a bundle of products, each with its own file.


Bottom line is, the device would need to support the file type you plan to deliver. For example you would not want to send a Mac user a .exe file, it would be useless. I hope this helps answer you question.

“Cartloom does not support multiple files per product, BUT you can create a bundle of products, each with its own file.”

Thanks @yabdab,
I’m not sure I see the difference here but I don’t want to clutter this thread further. I will look over the options and see if it becomes clear to me.