Looking for a download solution

I want to make some audiobooks and pdf transcripts available as a free download. Are there instructions somewhere for using the filesharing built into RW?

What stacks are there for this that have good easy to understand tutorials and can be done without coding?

They must have discontinued it because I couldn’t find it on their site.

How about a shopping cart gthat allows for digital downloads? Anything like that still available?

If the downloads are free you can just upload them to your web server and then link to them using a simple text link or a button stack.

Elixir’s new Flat Button 2 stack looks really nice for example - though RW comes with a built in button stack that would work just as well.

Ultracart has nice download functions… I also use simple links and php scripts on site for free downloads. We have many ebooks in pdf, mobi, epub and also large video files. For the video I use Amazon s3 services and linklokurl http://www.vibralogix.com/linklokurl/php script. Linklokurl has a built in option for secure Amazon S3 links.

Take a look at the FileSafe stack too: https://seydesign.com/stacks/filesafe/

Perfect for free downloads. No coding required for the basics. Watch the video to see how it works. There is also a free demo version to try.

@willwood… That looks like a great stack… I might transition to FileSafe for our our free ebooks page.

I was considering Filesafe. I watched the video but it seemed like it was speeded and there was no one explaining what was going on, so I’m not sure if I understood it or not. Is there something wrong with the video?