Streaming Audio Stack?

Hi Everyone

I need a stack or some streaming audio player that I can use to embed a live stream on my RapidWeaver site.

The live audio stream is here…

The Page I am working on is here…

Does it work in the EmbedStack if you set the content type to HTML5 audio and enter the MPEG link as a source?

Thanks. That worked pretty good. Still looking for something a little more robust and visually consistent.

I don’t know of any other stacks that could support streaming audio. Embed works because it is just a simple vanilla HTML5 audio embed and most browsers are clever enough to determine how to handle the stream.

I could not make it work with Player or AudioPlayer stacks, simply because the stream does not have a normal MP3 file extension that these stacks can recognise and interact with.

You could either propose a new stack be created if there is enough demand from others or hire me to put together a more custom solution that incorporates your exact design / features.

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