FreeForm Pro - Dynamic Content

Announcing the next big update to EasyDB - FreeForm Pro.

In a nutshell, FreeForm Pro allows dynamic content to be displayed where ever you wish. Here are some quick introductions to the main FreeForm Pro features. Stay tuned as more will be discussed each day.

Moving Content
There are two ways to move your content into 3rd-Party stacks. The first and most direct is to use the included FreeForm Pro field stacks that can be placed into stack drop zones. This screenshot shows a similiar situation where a FreeForm Pro field has been placed into a DropWrapper drop zone (a complimentary stack I’ll be providing as well).

The second method is using the new macros that are generated inside each FreeForm Pro stack and then can be copied and pasted into a stack’s sidebar controls. This screenshots shows several macros that have replaced typical static content. On page load, these macros are magically replaced with dynamic content.

FreeForm Pro now allows you control how many filters are presented to visitors and if you wish, you can allow visitors to add unlimited filters to search with. This screenshot shows two filters displayed and the ‘Add Filter’ button to add more.

Filtering can also be set up to prefilter on a particular field, type, value and sort direction. This screenshot shows things entered into the prefilter settings and you can set whether the prefilter is ‘locked’ and always used on any search or when ‘unlocked’, after page load, the visitor can change the settings to something else and then search on those.

User Roles
An admin user pane is provider where administrators can edit user roles as seen in this screenshot. Basic users will only be able to change their password. If ‘Admin’ is checked then that user will be able to see & edit all records and fields. If ‘View Only User Records’ is checked then that user will only see their own records or those records assigned to them. ‘User Access’ allows an admin to assign other basic users so that when the admin creates a record, those records are also available to the basic users. ‘Delete User’, as it’s name implies, allows an admin to delete that user’s access. ‘Permissions’ allow an admin to set a user’s field permissions. Thus, any fields removed will not be seen or editable by the user.

Content can be edited and simple edit panel is automatically shown, as seen in this screenshot. Records can be added, deleted and updated from this panel.

All field can be edited in-line and an entire screenfull of content can be edited, if so desired. When a field is clicked, as seen in this screenshot, a simple editing input is displayed showing the fieldname and the current content.

All images and files handled in FreeForm Pro are auto-uploaded during editing. This screenshot shows an image being dropped into the image drop zone. An image can also be browsed to using the builit-in file browser. Images and files are auto-uploaded to a predefined folder and the link path is auto updated as well.

Detail Page Support
Links are often desired to direct visitors to other pages that contain further details on the subject. Special link fields can be set up that allow visitors to go to detail pages where more or different types of information can be seen. This screenshot is a simple mockup of a buy page that can be visited from my new eyeglasses demo.

Gallery Skins
When using a lightbox/gallery stack you can enable the new gallery skins for FreeForm Pro. This screenshot shows the title, alt text, link icon to a detail page & plus button to see the full version of the image in the lightbox.

And that’s the major features, but there’s lot’s more on the way …

Thanks, Bill


No link. Looks good, though. Anyone would think you didn’t want to sell your stacks! Here’s a link:

Can EasyDB import html from a database? I would need to place book blurbs, several paragraphs each with emboldened and italicised words, etc.

Hi Peter @peterdanckwerts

Oh yes, I want EVERYONE in the community to buy - LOL that’s why I’m spending the time this week discussing in brief what FreeFormPro now allows :wink:

And yes, you can import from an existing database. I can help you with that - just contact me and we can go over the steps.


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I haven’t actually got an existing database. What I was specifically wondering was whether it can take fields which contain html as well as text. I thought GSheet could do that but it just shows the html code within the text rather than formatted text. I’m half way through a MySQL and PHP course at the moment so I might be able to create my own solution!

I’ve downloaded your free demo version (great idea) so I’ll have a play around with it.

Ahh yes. That is a security feature. I know you don’t want malicious code to run and ruin your day. Don’t worry EasyDB can be set up to allow certain types of code, but that’s an advanced subject we could go over on a one-on-one screenshare.


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