Beginner's question - interactive forms

Hi experienced Weavers,

even though this is probably not a new question, I was not able to find an answer by browsing through the forum. I need a hint how, and probably with which stack/plugin I can create interactive forms. What I mean by that is that the user will enter data into a form and that content will be transferred to another page/form and displayed with other already existing data. E.g. an entry list for an event.

Any ideas anybody?

Thanks, Bernd

Sounds like database functionality. There are stacks for that. Like these:

There is a trial version available. You can play around with it, before investing.

Not sure of your exact requirements, but If you have a defined set of users you could achieve this functionality by using one of the Spreadsheet stacks whereby the user edits data on a spreadsheet (on server such as Google Docs or Dropbox) and this is immediately visible on the website. Example stacks are: Grid Iron: and Joe Workman’s Power Grid CSV:


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