Beginner's question - interactive forms

(Bernd Rohlfs) #1

Hi experienced Weavers,

even though this is probably not a new question, I was not able to find an answer by browsing through the forum. I need a hint how, and probably with which stack/plugin I can create interactive forms. What I mean by that is that the user will enter data into a form and that content will be transferred to another page/form and displayed with other already existing data. E.g. an entry list for an event.

Any ideas anybody?

Thanks, Bernd

(Dick Sijtsma) #2

Sounds like database functionality. There are stacks for that. Like these:

There is a trial version available. You can play around with it, before investing.

(LJ) #3

Not sure of your exact requirements, but If you have a defined set of users you could achieve this functionality by using one of the Spreadsheet stacks whereby the user edits data on a spreadsheet (on server such as Google Docs or Dropbox) and this is immediately visible on the website. Example stacks are: Grid Iron: and Joe Workman’s Power Grid CSV:

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