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How do I save a bunch of stacks together so that I can use them as a template?
For instance, I have a frequently posted system of ‘Text’, below that ‘Image’, below that ‘Play Embed video.’ And I’d like to be able to just click a ‘template’ button, have them all drop in there and then I change the necessary info (text input, embed link, etc.).

You are able to put them all in a standard 1 column stack (which is just a surrounding div) and use then the partials function of the Stacks plugin to save this combination of stacks for a later usage.


Hi Andy, as far as I know this is only possible in Foundry, using the Group Stack. You can turn a Group into a Template and use/change/adapt this group over and over in order to keep a predefined layout with different content.

I did not find a Group Stack outside Foundry


You don’t need Foundry therefore.

The stacks plugin itself has a 1 column stacks. That’s exactly the same as other so called grouping stacks.

You don’t have to over complicate things. The stacks plugin itself is already very powerful.


The 1Column Stack does the job perfectly, I used it very often as a container. Foundrys Group Stack has some nice features I love, but technically it’s not neccessary. The same for Joe’s Pen stack.

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As @instacks said: put a 1column stack as a container. For repeating elements, I use the template function of Stacks and not a partial. Just place the template on the page and right click “Unpack Template”. Saves a lot of time for repeating design elements.
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