The most important stack... 😂

While doing some maintenance work on a couple of sites, I realized that the most important stack for me is… :drum: the Group stack (part of Foundry by @Elixir) - or Pen (free) by @joeworkman or a simple container stack as the base “1 Column” stack.

Grouping stacks and hiding the content while editing keeps the editor clean and tidy and helps focusing. As a benefit, you can also quickly hide elements on the page or have different content elements for desktop and mobile (e.g. different columns or paragraphs for desktop and mobile).


Btw.: Platform also provides a Group stack :innocent:

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A group container comes with the Stacks Plugin.


I used the 1 Column Stack a lot, also very handy.

Alright, I’ll give it a try - up to now have not ‘seen’ other advantages than what you @dripple mentioned: hiding certain content.

Also the stacks plugin itself is able to hide content in edit Mode by pressing the :eye: button.


I use the Group stack extensively. The ability to use multiple colours, icons, and show group notes is a boon. Makes for a clearly documented project.

It’s also really handy to be able to turn publishing on/off for the group.

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1 Column is different than (at least) my Pen stack. I cannot speak about others. Pen outputs zero code into the published page. It’s as if it doesn’t exist at all on the page.


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