Saving Portions of Projects for Re-use

I took a look at Snippets; it’s all raw html. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s say I have a page with reusable content e.g., name, address, a few links. I template this reusable content inside a project. How can I save this content so that I can easily move it to another project?

–you cannot shift+copy with the objective of pasting into the target project: doesn’t work
–you cannot drag the entire page into the target project–you can, but not all the settings come with.

So, is there a way to do this, or must the reusable content manually be templated each time?

I use a lot of content/layouts over and over in my own and client projects. What works for me is Partials. I put all the stuff I’m going to reuse in a partial, name the partial and copy it into a separate project with all my partial “templates”. When I’m making/editing a project, my “template” project full of partials is open and I just copy the partial from one project to another.

However, what works for me might not be your cup of tea.


Thank you. I’m using RW 8.0.3

The word “partials”, when searched in RW help, yields, “No results found.”

Neither the word “partial” nor “partials” is contained in the RW 7 manual (at least, according to Mac OS Preview’s search results).

There is no menu item for “partials.”

Where is it hiding?

Here’s a quick video on Partials in Stacks

Thanks. I found it as well. It’s only for Stacks, though, you can’t use it, as far as I can tell, for non-stack elements.

Correct, sorry. I assumed that you were using Stacks. I only use stacks and I often forget that not everybody does.

If you don’t use Stacks yet, you’re missing out on the best part of weaving with RW.

And yes, Partials are the way to go for re-useables.

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I do, but there’s no integration with any of RW’s help systems, and if you don’t have the library panel open all the time-screen real estate is an issue-you may not see it.

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