Saving Portions of Projects for Re-use

(Michael Kane) #1

I took a look at Snippets; it’s all raw html. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s say I have a page with reusable content e.g., name, address, a few links. I template this reusable content inside a project. How can I save this content so that I can easily move it to another project?

–you cannot shift+copy with the objective of pasting into the target project: doesn’t work
–you cannot drag the entire page into the target project–you can, but not all the settings come with.

So, is there a way to do this, or must the reusable content manually be templated each time?

(NeilUK) #2

I use a lot of content/layouts over and over in my own and client projects. What works for me is Partials. I put all the stuff I’m going to reuse in a partial, name the partial and copy it into a separate project with all my partial “templates”. When I’m making/editing a project, my “template” project full of partials is open and I just copy the partial from one project to another.

However, what works for me might not be your cup of tea.

(Michael Kane) #3

Thank you. I’m using RW 8.0.3

The word “partials”, when searched in RW help, yields, “No results found.”

Neither the word “partial” nor “partials” is contained in the RW 7 manual (at least, according to Mac OS Preview’s search results).

There is no menu item for “partials.”

Where is it hiding?

(NeilUK) #4

Here’s a quick video on Partials in Stacks

(Michael Kane) #5

Thanks. I found it as well. It’s only for Stacks, though, you can’t use it, as far as I can tell, for non-stack elements.

(NeilUK) #6

Correct, sorry. I assumed that you were using Stacks. I only use stacks and I often forget that not everybody does.

(Rob D) #7

If you don’t use Stacks yet, you’re missing out on the best part of weaving with RW.

And yes, Partials are the way to go for re-useables.

(Michael Kane) #8

I do, but there’s no integration with any of RW’s help systems, and if you don’t have the library panel open all the time-screen real estate is an issue-you may not see it.

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