FTP Publishing deteriorating then stopped

When you attempt to use Rw PUBLISH function, what is the FTP client that is being used. I have 2 ftp apps installed. There is nowhere I can see to choose one or the other. If RW uses one of your installed ftp apps how will I know which it uses? Or is this some inbuilt RW ftp client that is invisible to users?

I am currently having problems Publishing in RW 8.6.My HOST is trying to help walk me thru various options but so far nothing is working.
It came on slowly about days ago , then got worse and worse as time went by. Now ai cannot connect at all via RW Publish facility.

I notice lots of similar posts here…has anyone got the answer yet?

RapidWeaver has it’s own ftp process built in. It doesn’t use any outside FTP app.

If you want help with publishing issues here on the forum then you need to provide complete details.

Things like

  • name of hosting company
  • screenshots of the publishing settings
  • screenshots of any error messages you encountered

Most hosting companies aren’t going to be familiar with RapidWeaver, but can usually help you publish with a standalone ftp app. Most I’ve seen have step by step instructions for FileZilla. FileZilla is open source and has versions that run on Windows, Linux and Macs.

You can try publishing to a local folder within RapidWeaver’s publishing settings. Just choose an empty or new folder when you do. Then you can try something like FileZilla to publish your site with the help of your hosting company.

Once you have that worked out, it should be easy enough to figure out RW publishing settings.

Thanks Doug,
I was hesitant to mention hosting company as they were involved trying to sort out the problem. They eventually referred me to a support person in Realmac who requested logs which I sent. Since then I have heard nothing from realmac, but mysteriously the issue has disappeared. I am grateful it appears to have gone away. But I would like answers to whether realmac imposes upload limits or speedlimiting on its RW customers because I would like to avoid these issues reappearing at a later date. If realmac DOES any of those things with the PUBLISH facility, I think they should be clearly stated somewhere for all to see, or clearly denied so that customers dont waste time and resources wondering. Perhaps that info is published somewhere and if it is I would be grateful for a link. If it happens again then I will certainly provide complete details on this forum.

RW doesn’t throttle or limit anything regards to FTP. Why would it?

If your issue came then went it’s most likely an issue with your ISP.

As @TemplateRepo said, RapidWeaver doesn’t do anything to limit the connection speed or amount of data you transfer.

It’s almost certainly your hosting company.

Most Shared hosting will have safe guards that will limit FTP connections.

If you’re using regular ftp, it’s really time to switch to SFTP. It’s more reliable and is about as secure as it can get.

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