Full screen sliding banner on Mobile device? (example provided)

Hi, I am looking to create a sliding banner/slideshow that will display full screen on a mobile device.
Most slide shows will shrink down on a mobile device even if the theme has a slide show that covers a large space or entire computer screen. What I want is the slideshow to react like this webpage. http://www.agentprovocateur.com/gb_en
On a computer it looks like a top sliding banner and on a mobile device it takes up the full screen. How do they do this?

Kind Regards


hallo @Dreadas, why not try the “impact” stack by our venerated friend and developer @joeworkman? works beautifully and has much better transition than the one by “agent provocateur”. although, i must say the girls are prettier than joe :smile:cheers, tomas

Yes, yes yes! And there we have it, JoeWorkman to the rescue!
I saw this stack and loved the silky transition… but already own 4-5 slider stacks so wasn’t really going to jump at it straight away. But this might very well be what I am looking for.

Thanx a billion @tnittner for putting me onto this!