Just testing a new website, need feedback on how it performs for others, this is only part of the website, desktop only

(Steve) #1


(Brad Halstead) #3


Steve, it looks exactly the same in latest versions of Safari, Opera, Chrome & Firefox on Mac.

Nicely done so far!


(divinus) #4

Its cool. What did you design it with? I like the way the slides happen :slight_smile:

(Psalm66_ Ray) #5

Like! Looks fine on a tablet running ios 9.2.1.

(Robert Ziebol πŸ––πŸΌ) #6

Here are the theme/stacks that I see
Foundation (many different stacks from Foundation) (by Joe Workman)
Animagic (by Elixir)
TopBox (by Stacks4Stacks)
Sections (by Big White Duck)
Animated (by Yuzool)
Header Plus (by Big White Duck)

(divinus) #7

Thanks Zeebe :blush::smile::smile_cat::innocent::wink:

(Steve) #8

Thanks for checking
Zeebe has already indicated the theme/stacks used
I have no images for the site I am building for someone, need to take the photos next week
Haven’t sorted the mobile version yet
I have added additional page under the opening section, need to add a down arrow, probably work on this for the mobile version