Just testing a new website, need feedback on how it performs for others, this is only part of the website, desktop only


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Steve, it looks exactly the same in latest versions of Safari, Opera, Chrome & Firefox on Mac.

Nicely done so far!


Its cool. What did you design it with? I like the way the slides happen :slight_smile:

Like! Looks fine on a tablet running ios 9.2.1.

Here are the theme/stacks that I see
Foundation (many different stacks from Foundation) (by Joe Workman)
Animagic (by Elixir)
TopBox (by Stacks4Stacks)
Sections (by Big White Duck)
Animated (by Yuzool)
Header Plus (by Big White Duck)

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Thanks Zeebe :blush::smile::smile_cat::innocent::wink:

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Thanks for checking
Zeebe has already indicated the theme/stacks used
I have no images for the site I am building for someone, need to take the photos next week
Havenโ€™t sorted the mobile version yet
I have added additional page under the opening section, need to add a down arrow, probably work on this for the mobile version