Full Width Image/Stack

I’m using NCD’s Writer Theme and am looking to have a stack/image go full width (edge-to-edge). Is there a CSS way to accomplish this or perhaps a stack out there?

I want it to look like the content block for the Nest thermostat, but can’t quite figure out how to get a stack to go full width while the rest stay contained.

Any ideas are appreciated!

there are a couple of stacks that go full width, you have to set 100% width on NCD’s Writer theme options for it to work or use a theme that supports 100% width with 0 padding.



there are others as well

Good list of stacks. I haven’t used Jack in some time!

I’ve set the theme max width to 100% and added this CSS to get rid of the padding:

div.wrapper.main {
padding: 0px;

Good to go! Thanks again!

How to make a wide picture on the entire width of the page (screen)? Many different methods tried, but did not get. The theme of Epicon padding and margin to 0%, but the picture still padding left and right.

Hi all,
I am also wanting to make a few stacks go full width but really struggling to work out how to achieve it.

I have BWD’s Sections Pro stack plus their other sections stacks too but for the life of me I can’t work out how to get the stack to go full width. I’m dropping in some text and header and then setting Content Width to Fill 100% on SectionsPro, I have tried on a few different themes but none will go full width.

Any suggestions and advise is greatly appreciated.

I know I can use ExtraContent to go full width but would like to achieve this just using stacks. My understanding is that it can be done with SectionsPro but am having problems…

Cheers Scott

A URL to your site would help you get some help. The theme you’re using probably has a maximum width set for the body of the page.

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No stack needed therefore.