Full Width Content - Images and Banding

I’ve been having difficulty having images extend to full width in the “Paramount” there from Michael David. I’ve tried a few CSS tweaks but nothings seems to get rid of the padding on the sides.

Does anyone know any work arounds to force something to full width?

I thought maybe trying extra content however I can’t figure out how embed that into a regular area.

Any advice would be awesome!

I’m trying to replicate full width images, and color banding with text in a few different areas

It’s hard to help without a link to your site.

Big White duck has a suite of stack that allow this. One is called Sections Box and another Sections Pro. Even a minimal understanding of how to use these stacks will change the way you work with RW.

Sorry nothing is live yet.

I have tried the Big White Duck stacks and they almost achieve what I’m trying to do. I just can’t get ride of the white margins on the side. I want Edge to Edge content.

The them doesn’t provide a 100% width however I’ve been digging into the package contents of it to see if I can tweak the CSS.


Would it be possible to show the settings you used in the stacks to achieve this in Paramount? I recall I tried to do the edge-to-edge image thing in Paramount a long time ago and it took a fair bit of CSS to do it.


for sections box this is done by overriding full width settings (appears to be only in foundation). See here:


In sections box, there’s a setting called “content width” at the bottom of all the settings. Set that to 100% and it will cover the entire page.

The best way to learn is to download the demo project itself.


These are amazing resources that Big White Duck provides; providing the project itself and thus the ability to see exactly what is being done on the demo site.


Yes, I agree that the BWD stacks are amazing. I cannot praise them highly enough.

But, back to the point in hand… see the image below. Is this what you had in mind when you replied earlier suggesting that this could be achieved in Paramount as per the OP’s question?

Not trying to be picky, just intrigued as to whether you were able to achieve the objective described by the OP. Or not.

Edit: Its a bit of a pain to do this in Paramount and as a result it is not a modification I could recommend:-

Instead, I would encourage anyone using this theme to try to get the best results they can by working in harmony with the theme rather than trying to bend it too far out of shape. I offer that simply as someone who went a few rounds with this theme when it came out.


I’m able to achieve the first image where there still remains padding/margins.

What I’m trying to get to is true edge-to-edge like your second image shows. How were you able to achieve this result?

Thank you everyone for all the support. I’ve come to this community so many times before but this is the first time asking for support and you all rock!

I had to use some CSS. A bit messier than I would usually share (too fragile, I think) and I doubt the theme developer would be appreciative. This is why I was interested in what @devananda meant in his response to you. It’ll be interesting to hear what that response was based on.

Can you elaborate?

I’ve tried this in two different themes however still have padding on the sides. Am I missing a step?