Full Page Width Bleed Engineering Theme/Stacks

Hello RW community and thanks for the help in advance.

Playing around with the Engineer theme in latest RW and Stacks 3.6.9.

Is there a way to have a section that bleeds over the edges that contains stacks? Example: Section is light gray and has 1 image stack on the left and a text stack on the right that stays. Both stay within the page width but the color section bleeds.

Thanks for the help!

  • Bill

I always assume a stack is a container, one container might overlap another but to have a section “bleed over the edges that contains stacks” doesn’t make sense, to me.
If you place one stack within another, then perhaps you can “bleed” into the outer stack with say, an image?
Or perhaps try using this GRADIENTS stack from @1LD with a 2 column stack within it, and then your image and text within those columns. But I really don’t understand your request, which I think could just be done with an image in a stack placed behind your text + image?

If you mean a section that goes full width like the one at the bottom of this page - Building affordable web sites in Brighton and Hove - then AFAIK that’s not a feature of Engineer, which is a very basic theme. There are plenty of themes that do support edge-to-edge section though - Weaverthemes do a few like Next, for example, that don’t require the Stacks plugin.

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