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Hi there fellow weavers. Does anyone know of a stack that will allow linked video to play in the thumbnail on hover?

Here is a specific example of what I would like to accomplish.

Based on the source code of the link you’ve supplied, those are slideshows inside iFrames that begin and end their transitional sequences on mouseover. Those are not video.

I imagine that getting video (like MP4 and YouTube) to play and stop on mouseover would be a complicated task requiring a dedicated stack. And plenty of fall-backs to deal with issues like slow loading internet, touch devices not having mice etc.

Thanks Will, Could that example be accomplished with one, or a combination of your stacks? Would it be a complicated set-up?

I know of no existing stacks that can start and stop a slideshow on mouseover.

Normally it is a reversal of behaviour - a slideshow starts automatically on page load and then pauses when it receives mouseover / mouse focus.

So I think anything like the original example you showed us would have to be pitched as a new / custom stack.

Thanks Will. I appreciate the info!

If you’ve got YouTubeTV on an iDevice, it shows whatever video content is playing in real time on 20+ channels, no hover necessary. It’s a neat trick, but I don’t know how it’s done. Maybe @willwood knows?

I have only seen YouTube video play on hover in Chrome. It does not do it for me in Firefox or Safari.

It could be that because YouTube and Chrome are essentially built by the same company (Google) they have some special / private APIs that allows them to sidestep the normal restrictions.

“Play” from dobbox does this.

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Great! Thanks!

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