Stack that will pop up a map?

Hello - I would love to have a stack that would “pop up” a google map when clicked. Tippy Plus Stack I think will do what I need, but I am still on RW 6.4. and it’s for RW 7 and above. Any thoughts? I’ve looked at a dozen stacks and can’t seem to find the one I need.

Thank you!

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@joeworkman expose will do that…not sure about working on something that old.

As long as you are running stacks 3, then expose will work great. I can get you a S2 version if you need it.

I did look at Pop drop and was I admit completely intimidated.

Hi Joe - I looked at the Expose page but couldn’t get the demo link to work.

Big White Duck’s Limelight stack would be a good choice for this. It’s free, but donations are welcome.

There seems to be an error on the expose page. I will look into that. Sorry and thanks.

BWD Pop-Drop could also accomplish that use case

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