Fun with Joe Workman's Pi stack

This page is the start of a set of tools I’m going to build for architects/technicians etc, there’s only one tool on here at the mo and it calcs wall lengths in brick dims. You enter a desired length in mm and it displays the nearest length in 1/2 brick units and the CO- and CO+ values are to cater for the subtraction/addition of a cement joint for openings/returns etc.

This next Pi page is a little more fun, I’m currently reading a book on the Napoleon/Wellington period and it got me interested on how we perceive time.

So I mashed this up, what you do is enter a target year … lets say 1985 (the year Back to the Future came out) and it then tells you the year that the people in 1985 would think about in the way we in 2019 think about 1985 >>> 1951 >>> In film, that might be The African Queen or The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Another example: 2019 >>> 1914 (WW1) >>> 1809 (Lincoln born, Napoleon at his height/Peninsular War)

ie, the way we perceive WW1 is the way people alive in 1914 perceived the Napoleonic Wars.

I also added something else to the page, when we think about a year we tend to project our current selves into it so I’m born in 1965, and If I think about 1980 and I’m 53 now then I’d have been born in 1926 and most likely fought in WW2


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