Looking for a Timeline stack

Hi just wondering if any users can recommend a timeline stack… it would be used for a WW1 heritage site.

Need to be able to put month and year with what went on (obviously)…something with possible animations on scroll would be good and make it more interesting etc. Text and image content necessary.

Any thoughts from the RW community…regarding a stack that you have used!! would be great
Thank you




onelittledesigner, rwextras and elixirgraphics have timeline stacks

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Thanks…but have you actually used any of them??

I have the timeline stack from 1LD, very simple to use. You can try the timeline stack from rwxtras before buying, i think there’s a time limit on it but at least you can se if it works for you

I used this one - and found it quite straight forward - you fill in a google spreadsheet - it reads it and renders accordingly


… and here’s my timeline

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Thanks…good thought about the free trial with RW Extras…

I built a WWI timeline for my village website a couple of years ago using Timeline 3D, free on the App Store. You will find a link to it at the bottom of this page https://www.christleton.org.uk/christleton2/heroes/


Hi Richard
Thanks…the site looks great…I think the timeline 3D is a bit more than we need, but will look into it.
Similar type of project on the go for a town in Lancashire…over 110 casualties of the war.
A little aside (if you dont mind me asking)…how did you build the heroes page with the pics/names and parallax effect? Looks great

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for your kind comments. Regret I do not get many locally as one seems to be taken for granted after all the long hours it took to build the site. A labour of love doing my bit for the village and a privilege honouring all those brave men.
The heroes page was built with Depth by Nick Cates. Very easy to use and get the amazing parallax effect. Would be interested in seeing your site when it is online.

I’ve used Elixir’s Timeline stack here - https://www.acmemuseumservices.co.uk/about/ - for a sort of CV. It’s very easy and nice to use.

I’d also check out Weavium as they have at least one stack that might fit the bill though I can’t remember what it’s called!


Hi Rob
Thanks looks great…honestly I think the stack will depend on how many ‘events’ and how to portray them?
The charity/researchers are still working on everything…but I am tending to use Foundry…so I am sure Adam’s stack will work just fine!!

Will take a look at Weavium…
thanks again

@pigglypots – Indeed, the Timeline stack, or any of the others mentioned here, should work just fine in Foundry.

@robbeattie – That is a very nice looking site you built there that you linked to above! Well done.

I like Elixir’s https://elixirgraphics.com/previews/timeline/sample-one/ timeline, but I pretty much love everything he releases.

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