Function of Checkboxes on RW Blog Articles?

(Todd Wells) #1

I’m new to RapidWeaver 7.5 and am using its standard blog page. Just to the left of the title of each blog article is a checkbox (see below), whose purpose and functionality I can’t quite figure out.

So far, I’ve published seven blog articles and have kept the checkbox on each article checked. Is this necessary? If I uncheck any of these (already published) blog topics, will those blog articles be removed from the website the next time I republish?

Would appreciate any insights into the practical use and function of these checkboxes by more experienced RW users. Thanks!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Guess thats easy to test by yourself on next publish :wink:

(Todd Wells) #3

^^^ One of the problems I’m experiencing is that RW republishes the entire blog site (including all the previously published articles) whenever I publish a new article. So the reason for my original post is to try to understand what the “normal” behavior and function of the blog checkboxes are, before I start messing around with them.

(Greg Schneck) #4

It has to republish each page as most blogs have the category/archive feature and those types of things so each blog page needs updated for those changes to be current on each page. Yes, the checkboxes tell RW whether to publish or not but if not published then as mentioned, the old page will still be on your server but not in “categories” sidebar/archives and such will not link to it so it will essentially be a dead page.

btw…when I ran the old blog I did not use categories, etc and I simply “published” to local disk and uploaded the index file and the new main page. That worked great but the requirement is that you must understand what changes affect the other pages too (any css change, etc.) I simply had an alpha index of the blog pages which was done with the alphabetical option in sitemap plugin.

If your blog is large (mine was 1200 pages) a good ftp app such as Yummy will upload the files much faster than RW. At least, that was my experience.

If this is a new blog I highly suggest investigating some of the 3rd party blog plugins.

(Todd Wells) #5

Thank you. This is the insight I was missing about the checkboxes.

I will investigate the 3rd party blog plugins. I can see how as the number of blog posts grows, the time it takes to publish the site will grow as well, assuming all the old blog posts republish every time. Also, once one gets beyond 8-10 articles on the main blog page, it does seem essential that the old blog posts show up in the “categories” sidebar/archives, as they would be impossible for a reader to find otherwise.

Any 3rd party blog plugins folks would recommend? I’m currently using RW 7.5 and the Flood Theme.

(Greg Schneck) #6

This will get you started but also search the forums here for “recommended blog” and such…

(Todd Wells) #7

^^^ Super. I really appreciate your assistance.