Blog republishing all files - why?

Every time I add post to my Rapidwever blog it republishes every blog file - that’s currently 1,680 of them! Any idea why?

Hasn’t it always done this? (if you don’t use the dynamic php option?) - Are you using categories and archives which are displayed on every page, thus each page must be uploaded due to new archive entry…

No it hasn’t always done it and yes I am using the dynamic php option. It started doing it after the last update.

I contacted Realmac about this problem and I received the below response:

"It’s not a bug, but we’re looking at ways to change that action. Right now, when you add a blog, it does change every blog page’s sidebar information (dates/tags/categories/etc.) so that’s what’s going on.

Like I said, we’re looking to fix that in a future update."

Do you publish from RW or do you publish (export) to local folder? I had 800 pages in my blog (since converted to Stacks pages) and I always exported and then uploaded with ftp app. It’s much faster. But I suspect you may already know that…

Thanks Greg. I knew that but have never done it, I always just publish directly. My issue isn’t so much the inconvenience, but more the use of data, as I have to access the internet via a mobile 4G connection due to our wired broadband running at about 1.5MB! Republishing all those pages for every blog post eats into my data allowance.

Understood. I assume you do archives and categories and that’s why all pages need updated (or a working php include)? If your sidebar stays the same (no archives or categories) you can just ftp up the index page and the new “whole” page. I was just running an ad rotator script in the sidebar which I did with my own php include. Thus, only the index page and new single page needed to be uploaded (with ftp). edit - And also: rw_common folder

That makes sense. I don’t use the sidebar at all as it looks poor on my blog so that would work.

Just making sure you all have this set:

Yes Dynamic PHP sidebar is enabled. It has only started doing this after the 7.1.7 update…