Rapidweaver 8 STILL uploading all blog files

Please tell me this will be fixed soon, it’s getting a bit tedious watching 500+ files being uploaded when one small post is added.

Hi Josh!

Can you try the following to fix the issue?

  • Go to Page Info > Settings > Page > Advanced > Other and see if “dynamic PHP sidebar” is enabled. If not, enable this and publish your site (a full republish of your blog page, at least, will be required).
  • Go to RapidWeaver > Preferences > Publishing and see if “verify file transfers” is enabled, if so, try toggling that (opposite of what it currently is)

Please note that a full republish would be required after enabling the dynamic PHP sidebar, but after that, your blog shouldn’t be reuploading entirely.

Hi Aaron,

I recognise those settings from way back as a potential cure for this problem. That’s exactly how my RW is setup, but it’s still publishing all blog files.

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