Further 'h1' tag advise please! Still Struggling

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RW latest, Theme Feather using Stacks

Hi There.

Following advice I have added extra keywords and separately


I have attached some screen grabs of entered text under ‘General settings’ and also in ‘Meta data’

So far I have only added the (eg)

Corporate Photography

to a few leading pages under the Commercial nav bar.

So questions.

1: Have I gone too far and essentially repeated

tags on same page(s)
2: In Rapidweaver, what is the difference between ‘Title’ and ‘Slogan’.
3: Is there a way to reduce the text size on an


Let me start by giving you some information on the description(Meta tag). The description should be < ~300 characters. It should be unique for each page. The description should only be applied once.
You have it twice in the screenshot above:

The description, although does not show up anywhere on the visible page is essential as it often is what is seen on search engines SERP(search engine results page) by end users. This should be kind of a “need to click” to compel the user to click on your page.

The Browser Title is also important as they are a major factor in helping search engines understand what your page is about. Titles should be between 50 and 60 characters in length. They also appear at the top of the SERP page, as well as the web browser.


The HTML <h1>–<h6> elements represent six levels of section headings. <h1> is the highest section level and <h6> is the lowest. These are used by many agents, including search engines to determine the structure and importance of the content on the page. These heading tags should not be used to change the font style or size.

That depends on the theme you are using.

If the Theme does not offer this as an option, then you can use the CSS font-size property to override the themes CSS settings.


Now that’s what I call a response.



Hi There

Firstly I would like to thank you for your very detailed answer, it must have taken up some of your time.

Following what you advised I have made changes and re-attached some screen grabs to illustrate.

However could you help a bit further and tell me whether having added the description in the top box of Meta tags (and removed from lower ‘Tags’ box) should I still have bespoke visible page titles written as

page title

or again is this merely duplication. or is it with placing it as a h2 tag.

Also under General > Override Default Settings is there any added SEO advantage from filling in ‘Slogan’ or ‘Footer’


Sorry to ask for your help again, but I wanted to make sure I got the maximum out of your overall advice.

The Theme you’re using(feather?) seems to use the Site Title as an <h1> heading at the very top of the page. Right now that appears to be empty? That will still create a set of empty h1 tags. Then it looks like you added manually another set of h1 tags “Award Winning Commercial Photography” in a styled text stack, followed by another empty set of <h1>'s:


It would be best NOT to have empty heading tags(h1-h6).

The Theme being used appears to set the “slogan” as an <h2>. Again this is empty on the URL you gave.

The H1 heading describes a page’s main topic. It should be highly related to the content and unique across your website, and most agree that a page should only contain one H1 heading.

As for “duplication” on the same page between “browser title,” description and headings, they have different purposes, only the headings (h1-h6) are visible on the page. So you should use them, make sure they are unique for each page.

the keyword meta tag hasn’t been used by search engines for over a decade, although it doesn’t hurt you I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on it other than for your own internal use.
The author meta tag probably won’t show up anywhere unless you start adding things like Open Graph (Facebook) meta tags. Then you would want to reduce its size.

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Thank you soooo much, that is really very useful. I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken.


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