Gallery like Duck Duck Go (images)

Hi all!
I immediately start with the question.
The Duck Duck Go search engine and then the images you are looking for, I would like to have this gallery as a Rapidweaver Stack.
This gallery is super simple and minimalistic. I looked around the RW-Addons, not finding anything that looks like it. Important is the ‘Load more’ and also ‘Lazy load’ in this gallery.
Who can help me?
Thanks in advance!

Mars, Amsterdam, Netherland

_Example Duck Duck Go: bobo carlos clark white heat at DuckDuckGo

_Duck Duck Go: at DuckDuckGo

I would use Gallery 3 by Instacks - lots of display options and very reliable - but I don’t think it supports load more and lazy load

Thanks, but non Lazy load and Load more :wink:

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